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Astro Arun aims to use his years of experience and provide affordable astrology and vastu consultations to everyone.

Astro Arun - Astrologer & Vastu Consultant

About Astro Arun

Astro Arun - Astrologer & Vastu Consultant

– Arun Sapra, Astrologer & Vastu Consultant

Arun Sapra, also known as “Astro Arun” has always been attracted towards the field of Astrology and Vastu, and how the cosmic energies effect our lives.

He has spent years researching and learning the depths of these topics from several books, teachers, case studies and his own life experiences.

Now being an astrologer, he has made this his life motto that he wants to spread this insightful knowledge to other learners out there.

And help those who seek a happier and balanced life through the means of Astrology and Vastu. 

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Astrology Consultation

Your Date of Birth can tell a lot about you. Here are all the things you can know through Astrology Consultation:

Kundali Milan

Business Success

Education & Career

Financial Success


Married Life

Book your personalized phone call consultation with Astro Arun now. Select the option that best suits you:

Select the best option for you:

Match Making

Kundali Milan By Astro Arun
Get to know more about your future married life on a 30 minute phone call with Astro Arun.
₹ 1,100/-

Kundali Analysis

Kundali Analysis - Astrology Consultation by Astro Arun
Schedule a 30 minute consultation call with Astro Arun and ask questions about your future and get advise & remedies.
₹ 2,100/-

Vastu Consultation

A house that follows the principles of Vastu, ensures the positive flow of energies and promotes peace & harmony.

Having incorrect Vastu in your house can cause health problems, increased stress, disturbed sleep etc.

It is recommended to get your home Vastu aligned which will have many positive outcomes like peace of mind, focused brain, increased family bonding, better health, financial success and much more.

Get your home balanced according to Vastu today, with the help of Astro Arun - the best vastu consultant, and live a much better and happy life.

Select the best option for you:

Map Consultation

Map Only Vastu Consultation by Astro Arun
Simply send us your house map and get all the detailed remedies and corrections online. You can see a sample report by clicking here.
₹ 5,100/-

Offline Visit

Home Visit Vastu Consultation by Astro Arun
Schedule a personal home visit by Astro Arun. Get live Vastu analysis, corrections and remedies. You will also get the report later.
₹ 11,000/-

Happy Clients

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Contact Astro Arun today and get solutions for all your life problems through Astrology and Vastu Consultation.

Call or drop an email on the above mentioned contact details.

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